with the frillz and all

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well hello!

it’s been forever a while we’re absent to update this blog, thank you for sticking with us <333

by the way after this marianne will go back to her realm business, and she doesn’t mean harm to francis! Maybe once a while she will appears and torture visit him again ^u^

umm well we hope we can update this blog as much as possible.

thank you again!

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I hope you don’t mind.

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Bonjour! Happy Halloween all, I’m sorry I’m late but it doesn’t make my magnificent self look less pretty. I bet a certain Englishman is jealous that I can pull one of Scotland’s his country’s fiction character to look better!

And of course I win our competition this time because of my smooth skin!

OOC!Artist: I’m sorry this blog seems inactive m(_ _)m I have no words but I’m one of those slackers lolol

Thank you for following this askblog though, for new or old followers! I’ll try to be more active!

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That was fun, and ah…we also have souvenirs from our venture

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Taken after the exhausting meeting, he was too tired to realize that I snapped a picture of him.

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